I cannot wait to begin reporting on our planting and growing progress. But here we are in at the end of January and all of us a The Growers Exchange are getting ready for another snowstorm that will arrive in the night. Our garden under cover has progressed another step; the irrigation is done. Now our test gardens can be watered automatically, freeing us on weekends. Irrigation is so easy and makes so much more gardening possible. And it does free the gardener to leave for some time and not return to a ruined garden.

Now the garden we will tend to is ready to plant. We will start in the greenhouse, sowing seeds for the first plantings in a few weeks. The logs around our salad patch have been impregnated with spores of Pearl Oyster mushrooms. Our goal is to grow as much as possible in our limited space. I hope people will follow and tell us what they are growing. It is not practical for most people to grow their own food; but any one with even a sunny window can grow something that will improve the quality of their life. For now we are waiting for spring, but soon we will be able to begin our spring garden, maybe after this storm. I will let you know next week!

Our Irrigation Setup