Potted Herbs Make Great Indoor Accents

Potted Herbs Make Great Indoor Accents

To keep our test garden growing strong through the winter, we’ve moved some of our favorite herbs indoors. Our sun porch has become a haven for potted herbs and one of our favorite places to take a break or eat our lunches. Receiving lots of sunlight, our potted garden has been thriving throughout this mild winter here in zone 7. Watering about once a week, our plants are showing lots of healthy new growth and it’s not even spring!

What started as a project to see what temperature and lighting worked best for these potted herbs, has now developed into a lovely place to relax and find a moment of peace during the day. Having these plants close at hand makes cooking and crafting even more enjoyable. Bring natural beauty and energy to your home with two of our favorite fragrant and functional potted herbs!


Indoor Herb Plants: Don’t Go… Grow!

Indoor Herb Plants: Don’t Go… Grow!

This past weekend was spent preparing my 12 favorite herbs for their trip back indoors.  All spring, summer and into fall, they have enjoyed a life of rugged survival.  Hot, humid days and pounding rain storms.  Hot sun, thirsty days and most made it through my vacation when they were ‘on their own’.  They were attacked by slugs, munched on by unknown critters (in my yard, it could be anything) and of course cut back at any conceivable time for summer recipes.  They made it.  Rough around the edges, but survivors.

Now comes the real test;  can the herb plants survive the transition from their ‘wilderness experience’ to the lush confines of my glassed in porch.  Life is actually going to be more challenging indoors where they will have to contend with less light, more pests and of course, overzealous gardening!  However, they survived the fall and winter, so I am hopeful.  However, here are a few things I need to remember: (more…)

Fun and Whimsical Do-It-Yourself Gardening Projects to Brighten Your Day

Fun and Whimsical Do-It-Yourself Gardening Projects to Brighten Your Day

For most of us, spring is still just a distant dream on the horizon, while snow blankets the ground and frost sparkles on every surface of our garden. Although the wintry outdoors can be beautiful, the avid gardener often wishes spring would come early, itching to get out and begin the projects he or she has been planning since fall.

The good news is that it’s never too early to start on next season’s gardening plans. Many of us have greenhouses or indoor gardens, where we’re already coaxing the earliest seedlings into life. Now is the perfect time to start organizing and working on a variety of gardening projects that don’t require warm weather to enjoy. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites, which are sure to get you in the mood for the warmth and color of spring!

Creating Works of Art From Old Pots

Old pottery lends a charming and rustic appeal to any outdoor setting, and can even turn into the focal point of an inviting patio. Flower pots of all shapes and sizes can be found at yard sales and thrift stores for a bargain. It doesn’t even matter if the pot is cracked, discolored, or unattractive at first glance. With a few different shades of bright paint (meant for withstanding the outdoors), you can give new life to any number of old pots. Have fun experimenting with primary colors, patterns, and crackle paint. A quick internet search can give you dozens of ideas for pretty pots for your spring flowers. (more…)

Planning and Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden

Herb gardens are generally defined by the plants that are grown in them, so once you decide on the purpose of your garden, the next steps should flow fairly easily. After 30+ years of growing and selling herbs, we know that the majority of our customers are using their herbs in the kitchen, so we will start there!

tips for growing a kitchen herb garden

Your Herb Garden Placement

The first step is deciding where to put your garden.   The one rule of thumb that we always abide by: put your garden in easy reach of your kitchen. You are less likely to add that tablespoon of fresh marjoram if you have to trudge across the yard to the garden that you’ve tucked out of sight, behind the garage. Make use of the space right outside of your kitchen door; it should be as easy for the cook to head out of that door as to head into the pantry for the dried version of your herb. You don’t need a lot of space, and if you are really limited, then grow these culinary herbs in pots. A nice variety of culinary herbs can be grown in a 6’ x 6’ plot, although if you’ve got the space, go bigger and add some variety with annual flowers and veggies to make a real statement!   In addition to location, you need to make sure that your garden will get enough sunshine as herbs need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Good draining soil is crucial, as well as healthy soil. And make sure that you have easy access to water. (more…)

25 Best Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden


Whether you want to grow a kitchen herb garden as a hobby or to save money or just for healthier eating, there are plenty of herbs you can grow in your back yard, on your patio or even in your windowsill. Fresh herbs make recipes taste even better and are great to have around for soups, stews and salads.

In picking a place to grow your herbs, keep in mind that they need a good four to six hours of sun daily. There are many herbs that you can grow to enhance your cooking. When you plant a kitchen garden, don’t only plant the herbs you know, take a chance on something else. You might just be surprised. (more…)