I have introduced The Growers Exchange playpen before, but what we have is a cold frame with beds and tables, and containers for all kinds of gardening. We want to create areas similar to what urban gardeners face. At our potting bench we will mix plants in container so they are beautiful and functional. Most of our materials have been scrounged, keeping cost to mainly seeds and plants.

The picture today shows our infrastructure complete, we will now work the soil in the beds and add drip irrigation. Our plants will begin life here on a diet of kelp meal, and we will work hard to keep a natural environment. Crops will be chosen from The Growers Exchange list, Starting with a salad crop, we will slowly add to our garden. The best that could happen would be suggestions from our readers! We hope that a free exchange of ideas will develop and this garden will spread its roots far.

We will soon start planting the first bed; it will be a lettuce garden with about twelve types and colors of leafy greens. The logs surrounding this bed have been impregnated with mushroom spores and will fruit in a few months. Follow our garden a day at a time and feel free to suggest what we might want to plant. The fun part is ahead, it’s time to start planting.