Your Easter Basket Holiday Kit includes your

  • Basket
  • Soil bag
  • Seeds
  • Easter-themed ornaments
  • Decorative bow

We recommend starting your Easter Basket about three weeks prior to the Holiday, to ensure it is lush, full, and healthy.

Step 1.  Open your soil bag and fill basket with soil, saving roughly ¼ cup soil.
Step 2.  Sprinkle seeds on top of soil, covering very lightly with remaining soil.
Step 3.  Water seeds and place basket in warm area.
Step 4.  Mist surface of soil regularly, to keep moist.  Seedlings will emerge within 10 days.
Step 5.  When your basket is lush and beautiful, decorate your grass with ornaments and bow.
Step 6.  Enjoy your Easter!

Click here for tips on trimming, clipping, and maintaining your grass.  Don’t forget to recycle your grass planter after the holiday.  Treat your favorite feline friends to an all-natural delicious and nutritious treat.  In addition to adding essential nutrients and fiber to their diet, natural edible grasses aid in digestion.