Early Gardening

The winter wind makes being outside an endurance test; one step outside and any thoughts of working the garden shrivel like body parts in a deep freeze. I admit that I do not like winter, and I hate being cold. So like anyone suffering with cabin fever, I have begun to dream about warmer times. No need to think about warmer places, because soon enough this place will be hot enough to have us wishing for winter.

My dreaming has become more like sleep-walking as I turn an old cold frame into a season extending covered garden. I hope to use this area much like a homeowner would use their deck, patio, or balcony to grow what ever plants possible.

Many crops are planned for this new garden, The Growers Exchange will document all that we grow. The beds in this picture will grow salad greens and the logs surrounding it have been impregnated with mushroom spores. Check in regularly to see what we have growing.