It’s nearly the end of 2016, and time for us to recount the highs and lows of this past growing season. We all have our areas of interest, but for me, it’s all about you …. Trends in what gardeners wanted this past growing year. Basically, what plant sold THE BEST in 2016.

And, the winner is: Eucalyptus, Silver Drop. Always in the top 5, but never a winner. This year, Eucalyptus pushed out Lemongrass and would have done even better had we not run out near the end of the spring.

What makes for a winner? Who knows. Why Beanie Babies one year, and Cabbage Patch another. Could it have been effective marketing? A trend in medicinal treatments? An article in a major publication that ramped up demand? Who knows but what we do know is that we are growing a lot more for 2017.

More About Eucalyptus Silver Drop

Oh, and by the way, it is a great plant. There are a lot of types of Eucalyptus, but ‘Silver Drop’ has such wonderfully scalloped leaves and a growing habit that can be shaped into a wide shrub with ease. It can get up to 40’ but for our garden, it’s kept to about 4’ to 5’ and without a long and harsh frost, it is hardy to Zone 7. We protected it, and sometimes cut it back hard, but it’s a survivor and a prolific one at that! Why do we love it? Simple, it is a GREAT addition to any border calling for a deep, silvery green shrub that smells incredible, can handle a drought, resists deer and insects and actually provides nectar in the summer to bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. It’s also easy to grow and we cut TONS of it to add to both fresh and dried arrangements. We even have it for our holiday decorating.

If I could predict a trend, my job as grower would be much easier, and I’d never have to disappoint a customer with ‘Sold Out for the Season’. We walk a fine line when it comes to supply and demand, so the only advice I have (even though it sounds self-serving) is to be and ‘Early Bird’ this year and order early!