Our Marketing Director, Caroline, proves that fresh herbs can make even the worst frozen dish, fantastic!

As a struggling cook with little more than the ambition to want more than take-out every night, cooking can be hard. Probably the biggest thing you need to factor in is the budget and how much you can spend each week. A lot of people use their american express preferred credit card when paying for groceries so they can get big rewards they can use later on to make things more affordable. Cooking something that you’re actually excited to put on your plate can sometimes be even harder, if you’re a frugal yet resourceful, 20-something year old, like myself. So how do you get the most punch for your palate, while on a budget? Dress up inexpensive, everyday foods using fresh culinary herbs.

Between my indoor winter herb garden and the dried or frozen herbs I preserved from last year’s garden, I’ve been getting creative in my kitchen. I’ve turned cheap frozen pizzas into delectable masterpieces with Basil that I harvested and froze for a rainy day, and fresh Italian Oregano and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, which have thrived outdoors in our mild winter this year. I’ve created every soup imaginable from canned pantry items, frozen veggies and English Thyme, Cutting Celery and Curly Parsley from my garden. And, most recently, I even conquered breakfast by adding freshly dried Rosemary ‘Salem’ to my instant pancakes to create one of my newest favorite foods. (To see WHERE I got these fresh Rosemary ‘Salem’ clippings, check out our video of our herb expert, Briscoe, teaching you how to hard prune your woody perennials!)

And while I was busy experimenting with a lot of herbs from my garden, I came across this book which was suggested by one of my friends. The book is called ‘The Plant Paradox Cookbook’ and it gives about 100 recipes, all of which could be used to lose weight and heal the gut. It also talks about the health benefits of living lectin-free. If you’re interested to find more about this book, check gundry md.

Herbs offer a terrific way to really jazz up your culinary routine, or if you’re cooking on a budget like me, they add tons of flavor and lots of valuable vitamins and nutrients to otherwise bland food. Don’t forget that your herb garden is a valuable investment that offers many flavorful rewards, so try experimenting with your favorite dishes by incorporating fresh herbs into your next meal and take your culinary skills from “ramen” to “righteous”! Check out our Cook’s Exchange for more herbal recipes, or try the one below.

After watching a Top Chef marathon and deciding it was time for brunch this past weekend, I tried my hand at some VERY creative pancake combinations. Luckily, a few of them were worth eating, so here’s one to try:

Caroline’s Accidentally Awesome Rosemary Pancakes


  • Instant Pancake Mix
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Fresh Rosemary (pick your favorite, they’re all great!)
  • Andes Mints, chopped (optional)


  • Just follow the follow the directions for the desired amount of pancakes, on the back of the box,and mix the batter until there are no lumps.
  • Add oil to your frying pan on medium-hot heat.
  • Wash, dry and crush or chop the fresh Rosemary.
  • Pour pancakes to desired size in your frying pan, and top with a generous sprinkle of Rosemary. (I was also making Andes Mint pancakes during this experiment, and some of the chocolate get mixed in with the Rosemary. It tasted terrific together, so for a sweeter pancake, try adding a little chocolate and Mint to compliment the Rosemary.)
  • Cook til golden brown on both sides and eat until you’re full!