I’d like to take this opportunity, as many people throughout the country still await warmer weather before they can really start digging into the earth, to discuss my experience with container grown herbs . . .up close and personal.


It’s is so easy to plant a potted herb garden that many actually prefer to do so, instead of trying to find space amongst the vegetables.  Plus, this makes it easier to place the garden right outside the kitchen, which also makes the home cook happy.


In order to make your own potted herb garden, use pots that are at least six inches in circumference, potting soil, compost, and a trowel.  While some like to do smaller, individual pots, I like a larger potted garden, where plants can mingle.  I recommend a large container.  Mine is almost thirty inches in diameter, three-and-a-half feet tall, and sits tight against the house where it is well insulated.


Once you plant the first crop, it will be easier to maintain.  I have had one outside for the past 3 years, and I only need to fill in a few plants each year. In my area, we are considered Zone 7.  Herbs such as Garden Sage, Italian Parsley, Kitchen Citrus Mint, and Marjoram do very well in this zone and will all survive year after year, if properly cared for.  However, there are always those I have to replace each spring.  For instance, I need to replace my basil almost every year, and my thyme died this past winter.


As with any garden, there are a few persistent plants that will be more aggressive when fighting for space in the pot.  You will have to be brutal with the mint, as it will take over the space if you let it.  However, these hardier herbs are also survivors, and I am using parsley almost all year… and, of course, the mint.  That’s not such a bad thing as I have discovered the value of minted water (I have a Brita and just keep a sprig or 2 in the bottom to flavor the water).


With your own potted herb garden, similar inspirations will only be a few steps away!