The third major storm of the winter is with us. It looks like another long weekend of babysitting the greenhouses. They are full of young plants, so someone will be here to make sure they stay warm and safe. Today as the snow flies outside, our greenhouse staff members are busy transplanting young herbs and annuals to their final pots. In a few short weeks these plants will be traveling to gardens far and wide. It is important they not get cold!

Being the one left to keep things running, I plan to use this time to plan my early garden. The beds we have in a cold frame are ready to plant, we are just waiting for warmer temperatures. Maybe after this storm we will sow seeds. But before we plant, we must have a plan. The general idea is to grow the herbs and annuals offered by The Growers Exchange, planted in situations similar to homeowners with limited space. We also intend to grow plenty of good things to eat, including lots of herbs. Whilst snowbound I will map out the details of our plantings. Any ideas would be appreciated, we do hope for a free exchange of ideas for this garden project. But first we must get the greenhouses safely through this storm!

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