Healthy Lavender

Keeping potted lavender inside for winter can be tricky. They are so touchy about wet feet, they can turn from beautiful to pitiful in a few days. Overcast days with little sun are the perfect breeding ground for all the fungus that prey on lavender plants. Like potting succulents, sand should be added to the potting soil to insure quick drainage.

One sign of trouble is algae growing on the soil surface. This is an indication the soil is too wet for too long. When weather conditions are favorable, fungus will quickly colonize a water logged lavender. To save plants already infected, trim all dead leaves and stems. Clean all debris from the soil surface. Dry the soil quickly, even if you must remove the plant from the pot.

Fungally infected Lavender

There are many fungicides available, some are biological, others chemical. This natural fungicide is safe for kids and pets so if you’re conscious about little fingers or paws playing in the garden, a natural fungicide is often a better choice than a chemical one. In our greenhouse, we treat lavender every week by first spraying a Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectant, then a biological fungicide. Applying chemical fungicides takes less time because it has a residual effect for a week or more, but because we grow mostly herb plants that will be cut and used for culinary purposes, they must be clean and healthy to eat. Though the biological type does not last as long and must be applied more regularly, it’s worth the extra time and effort to ensure that our plants are healthy and treated in an all-natural way.

Lavender killed by fungal infection

We prefer to use PlantShield HC Biological Fungicide, which uses an active natural microbe to prevent disease from growing on the root structures and foliage of our plants. We drench the actual soil, rather than the leaves themselves, which allows this natural microbe to saturate the soil and protect the plants from mildew, fungi and other root pathogens. This is just one key step in our promise to ensure healthy, all natural herbs and flowers for our customers. Because of all of the careful nurturing that we employ at The Growers Exchange, we know our plants like the backs of our hands. Staying constantly familiar with our plants allows us to keep a close eye on quality control, and our attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on. Because of this process, we don’t let anything leave our greenhouse that we wouldn’t want to plant in our own garden, so you can be sure that when you order from us, you’re getting only the very best!