We have been growing herbs as potted plants for about 25 years. Way back then herbs were not available even in the larger greenhouses; having a selection of herbs is what made our garden center stand out from the others. Herbs are now a mainstream crop, not the exotic niche market it was a few short years back.
Potted herbs are still our main crop, but after agreeing to grow a few custom orders for cut herbs we are growing and shipping more each year. I guess we are not exactly local since almost all these cut herbs go to NYC, but we are a lot closer than many growers selling in NY. Virginia to NY in less than 24 hours is the key to our success, the herbs are on a restaurant table in 48 hrs. A few years ago I would not believe this possible, but the internet has linked the farm to the world!
Attempting to grow cut herbs year round, we are experimenting with the towers pictured. Herbs are: Oregano, Marjoram, Zaatar, Parsley, and Basil. These herb towers will allow us to grow cuts in the greenhouse in winter. Catnip for the kitties and the rest for cooking. Fresh herbs make a difference!
Herb Tower